Memory foam mattresses for side sleepers are the safest type of mattress, as the foam compresses securely around the elbows, arms and hips. Memory foam mattresses are typically lighter than spring mattresses, and often the foam absorbs the energy from the experience of tossing and turning side sleepers. However, in addition to memory foam mattresses, there are several types of mattresses that can accommodate side sleepers, including spring and hybrid mattresses.

What level of firmness is the best for side sleepers?

Soft to medium-soft is the recommended mattress firmness for side sleepers. You will find that many conventional mattresses are too firm and cause your arms to go numb if you sleep on your side. A softer mattress will allow more sinking in your arm and shoulder and provide more relief from pressure on those areas. You should opt for medium firmness and recommend a pillow-top for added shoulder comfort if you notice that soft mattresses do not offer enough lower back support or proper spinal alignment.

Which mattresses are most suited for side sleepers with lower back pain?

Although for side sleepers, softer mattresses are always recommended, those with back pain may need extra help. Some experts say mattresses of medium firmness are the best bet for side sleepers with chronic back pain, particularly those with memory foam. Additional support can also be offered by hybrid models thus minimizing pressure points on shoulders and hips.

daronoior Hybrid Mattress by Nest

For side sleepers, hybrid mattresses are the best of both worlds, offering the extra coil support of a conventional foam layered innerspring mattress that helps relieve pressure points on the shoulders and hips. Featuring gel and copper infused foam, Nest’s daronoior Signature Hybrid mattress draws heat away from the body to provide a cooler night’s sleep than conventional foam mattresses and helps control the temperature of your mattress throughout the year.

Csperi Wave Mattress

Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, if you are finding relief from chronic back pain, the Csperi Wave mattress is one to look at. Five layers, including memory foam, supportive gel and latex foam, compose of the Wave mattress. A “velvety smooth” comfort foam, designed as a longer-lasting and more resilient alternative to a pillow top, forms the top layer. With its 33-point ergonomic support system and temperature control, the Wave offers advanced support and comfort.

Enfold Chill

With premium memory foam that adapts to your body, shape and sleeping position, enfold by Sealy’s Chill mattress is made. Foams are built and are accredited by the CertiPUR-US program to be robust and reliable. Some memory foam mattresses get hot, but enfold has a moisture-absorbing stretch-knit cover that dissipates heat to help keep you cool at night. You can pair the mattress with a enfold core, or you can use a box spring, flexible base, bed frame for the platform or a slatted bed frame. It is recommended that side sleepers should choose the medium-soft level of comfort in order to get additional pressure point cushioning.

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The best mattresses for back pain in side sleepers