Black Friday brings out the true shopping spirit among the masses as the holiday season kicks off. The 2019 Black Friday season brings us some very interesting statistics good for retailers and great for shoppers.

Even with massive Christmas sales and Cyber Monday following, Black Friday remains the most revered shopping season of the year. In 2019 alone, 61% of Thanksgiving Day shoppers planned to shop on Black Friday also.

Let’s quickly take a look at 5 interesting statistics from Black Friday 2019 to get you in that extra crispy shopping spirit.

Black Friday – In-store Vs. Online Store

The National Retail Federation (NRF) reported a significant increase in the number of shoppers buying online compared to in store. Stats revealed 142.2 million people shopped in online stores for the best Black Friday deals & discounts, while an estimated 124 million shopped in store in 2019.

This was a year over year increase that indicates retailers are making an effort offering exclusive discounts and online deals. The development of ecommerce infrastructures have allowed Black Friday shoppers to make faster online payments and choose their shipment methods.

Black Friday 2020 – Up, Up and Away 

The Black Friday event has been gaining great popularity over the last decade with the NRF reporting brilliant numbers from 2017 through 2019. The 2020 Black Friday season is promising to be a massive one, with shoppers ready to break doors (figuratively speaking) on Thanksgiving Thursday.

The NRF’s numbers identify that close to 189.6 million people shopped through the Black Friday weekend. This was a 14% increase in shoppers compared to 2018, while 2017 pulled in 174 million shoppers on Black Friday weekend. 

Black Friday – The Shopper’s Paradise

A record increase in average purchases was recorded over the three years between 2017 and 2019. Over the 2019 Thanksgiving weekend, people spent an average of $362 (approx.) on holiday shopping. This was an increase of 16% from 2018 where shoppers had spent an average $313 on holiday purchases.

The popularity of discounts on technology, lifestyle, wellbeing, and Black Friday mattress sales has alerted retailers to widen their product lines for this massive shopping event. The 2020 Black Friday weekend is bound to bring together even more discounts, products, and new stores offering deals.

Black Friday – Busy, Busier, Busiest

It’s a “tense” matter shopping for the holidays, but, Black Friday is the most convenient event for everyone. The NRF reported that Black Friday eclipsed Cyber Monday as the busiest online shopping day in 2019, with 93.2 million people clicking away, buying their favorite gifts. Cyber Monday accumulated 83.3 million shoppers the same year. 

It turns out Black Friday 2019 was also the busiest in-store shopping holiday, boasting a gargantuan 84.2 million shoppers on the day. The numbers kept flooding in with 59.9 million shoppers on Saturday and a massive 37.8 million on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday Best Sellers

The 2019 Black Friday weekend highlighted some very interesting insights about the best-selling products. A survey right before the 2019 Black Friday event identified which products shoppers were out hunting for.

Clothing & apparel was the most sought-after category with 41% shoppers looking for amazing discounts. Home goods and small appliances accounted for 38% with Black Friday mattress sales a popular subcategory.

TV & Computing products accounted for 32% of shopping lists mainly populated by TVs, PCs, laptops, and tablets. 12% of shoppers also identified shopping for travel and experiences, including special Christmas holidays and New Year’s get away.

Five Interesting Stats to Get You Ready & Charged Up for Black Friday 2020